Fawnia Mondey
Fitness model, Competitor and Cover Girl

Fawnia Mondey

- Stats -

Height - 5'4"   Weight - 115   Measurements - 34B-24-34

Hair - Blonde   Eyes - Blue   Dress - 2-3   Shoe - 6.5

- Bio -

What kind of music do you like?
I enjoy 'dance', house, 'classic rock', 'jazz'. and blues'. For training with weights I like rock, and for cardio, either dance or house keeps me moving.

What do you look for in a guy?
I like a man who knows who he is as a person outside of a relationship. Having a goal in life (even many small goals) which he is striving to reach is attractive. Motivation is addicting to me, so when I meet someone highly motivated or enjoying what they do, I enjoy being in their company.

Turn ons?
Eating more then 2 meals a day, and drinking lots of water,....eyes, hands, ability to listen and laugh 'at life'.

Turn offs?
Living off one meal a day and not drinking water. Being self-centered, smoking, being late, and dirty bathrooms.

Worst pickup line?
Simply said: "You are hot". (get creative and look past how my skin is shaped around my skull.)

Do you have any hidden talents?
They are so hidden even I have yet to discover them...though during the winter of 2002 I shot the pilot for my television show: Fawnia & Friends, and learned that I had a natural ability to improve well on the spot.

Strongest personality trait?
I don't hold back at times, which is shocking to some people, but it gives them permission to be themselves as well. I am the lease judgmental person you'll meet, at least I'd like to think so. I will let you make the call.

What is your favorite exercise in the gym?
I enjoy tricep pressdowns, one arm dumbbell rows, and one arm cable rows.

How much can you lift?
I don't train for strength anymore, but in 1997 I did 57 full pushups in 58 seconds, and in 1998 I was as able to bench my bodyweight. I also did 50 pound one arm dumbbell row, and 45 pound incline dumbbell press.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Buy my mother and brother a house, donate money to a company such as: www.meningitis.org and www.epilepsy.org.uk then think about the rest of the money for a while.

What was your worst date?
I would have to say being stood up for a date (in grade 8) and standing my partner up for a date.

Favorite Food?
I enjoy Japanese, Thai and Greek food. For treats I love Dairy Queen (1/2 Skor and 1/2 cookie doe Blizzards!) Seeing that I am three days out from my figure competition, I would jump over the moon for one right now!

Favorite Movie?
"Awakenings", starring Robin Williams and Robert DeNiro, really touched my heart.

Are you ticklish, if so where?
Yes, my feet, and side abs.

Chocolate Ice Cream or Vanilla?
Once I overdose on chocolate, I'll dive into Vanilla.

Visit her website at www.officiallyfawnia.com

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