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This website is dedicated to all sports associated with body and strength enhancement. Our opinions, advice and theories are our own and will never be influenced by a corporate sponsor. Your individual success far outweighs any company's need to make a buck by fooling or misleading you. If we say it, then you can rest assure that it came from personal experience and know how. We are not just some dot com store like many others only there to cash in on this fast growing industry. There is a brick and mortar business on solid ground that started this venture. It is our living not our scam. Some of our advice or ideas may read harshly or may offend a few, but it is in an effort to get you on the right track. There is too much false information on fads, old school workouts, super supplements and miracle routines that guarantee 50 lbs. on the bench in 2 weeks. We cut through the hype and false promises. We provide only hardcore advice that when combined with proper supplementation and hard work will allow you to achieve your goals.

GOALS: To provide the athletes who participate in and the fans who support hardcore sports involving strength, power, endurance and fitness a community site where they can gain knowledge, exchange ideas, speak their mind and purchase very well priced supplements.

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